World Handicap System 2020

On this page we will give you an introduction to the new system.

In November 2020 the way that handicaps for golfers in GB & I are calculated will change in accordance with a new system developed by The R & A and the USGA with consultation from all of the world handicapping bodies.

This new system will be used worldwide and will enable golfers to use their handicap at any course in any country, using a modified version of the Course and Slope rating systems that are already in operation in the USA and much of Europe.

As more information becomes available we will let members know but below I will set out some of the key features of the scheme.

Features of the WHS:
* Handicaps will be calculated by taking an average of the best 8 scores from the last 20. The resulting figure will be called a handicap index. There will be a mechanism in place to prevent large changes, known as a cap.
* There will be a calculation that will consider the impact of abnormal course and weather conditions on a player's performance each day.
* There will be a limit of Net Double Bogey on the maximum score for each hole, this will be for handicap purposes only not for a competition result.
*Course rating: every golf course has to be re-rated to ascertain the score a scratch golfer should score. Our course has been rated and the ratings are 71.4 for the men for the white tees, 70.4 for yellow and 68.0 for the red for men. For ladies these will be 78.2 (white), 76.7 (yellow), 74.4 (red).
* Slope rating: This shows the relative difficulty of the course from a set of tees for a "bogey" golfer compared to a scratch golfer. A course with more challenges to bogey golfers such as thick rough and long carries will rate higher. Slope ratings can be between 55 & 155 with the "standard" course set at 113.
* A bogey golfer, as above, is defined as a typical 20 handicapper man or 24 lady.
*A players handicap on a specific course is determined by multiplying their handicap index by the slope rating of the course/113 (the neutral rating) So for example our white tee rating is 123 and a player with a index of 10.3 x (123/113) or 10.3 x 1.08 = 11 playing handicap.
* Handicaps will be calculated each day but not until around midnight so when you receive the result of a competition your new handicap will not be shown. This will be sent after the midnight review which will take account of all scores entered on the given day whether in competition or not.
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I have attached to this page a sheet of Frequently asked questions as provided by England Golf which may elaborate a little on the points above.Just click here anywhere to open it..

One big thing to emphasise is that although this may seem complicated we will have access to computer software which will do all of the calculations for us and we will be able help you through the change over!

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